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First Impression Counts

Most of the world’s population google before they shop or avail any services. Your website would make the first impression for your customers to stop by to decide whether they will buy your products or visit your store or avail your services. When you have invested more to develop your website and keep your business online isn’t it necessary to maintain the website as well with a little spend. A website which is upto date and well maintained with the latest upgrades and updates helps the website to perform with full capacity and will be available for your customers all time.

When you are in a business meetup and is ready to showcase your website to your clients and if your website is not performing as expected or is down or hacked then your ideas come to a stake. If you are not taking some basic precautionary steps for your website then there could be an immense security issue which could make your website fail and lose data.

If Website is the key aspect of your business, then maintenance of website comes into play to keep your website free from Hacks and make it available to your customers 24/7. When WordPress is the most popular CMS and almost most of the websites are developed in WordPress, we started to figure out how to provide the finest practices like security, updates, backup to the WordPress website owners.

When WordPress is in your business or to grow your personal brand then just take the ownership of your website and relax while we take care of your website from back at a very affordable cost.


Malware Monitoring & Cleanup

We help you monitor website 24/7 and fill up the loop holes that compromise the security and use the best Malware monitoring tools in the market to protect your site. We conduct frequent security audits and our website maintenance plans includes a subscription to Sucuri. We fix all the issues in backend and your site will be up in no time.


Scheduled Offsite Backups

Our backups are scheduled on a monthly, weekly or daily basis based on the preference of client. We make sure you never lose your data and backup your website to our cloud storage. We at WordPress website maintenance will make sure that your website is always up and running, In worst case scenarios where the site is not able to be restored due to server crash, we will restore the site with the latest backup.


WordPress Updates

An outdated WordPress website is vulnerable to hacks and leads to losing your website built. We take lead in offering exceptional WordPress website support and assistance in updating WordPress as and when there is a new release and check for the website readiness without any issues after the updates and make it available for business with a quick turnaround.


Website Optimization

Websites performance is most vital for your customers and also for the search engines. Page speed optimization and performance tweaks are done to reduce the slowness in the website. We will increase your visibility for search engines to index your WordPress website.


Uptime Scrutiny

Are you getting sick of hearing from your visitors that your WordPress website is down? At WordPress Website Maintenance we do frequent checks of the website to make sure it is available to your clients 24/7 without any issue. Dedicated team member will be assigned for each websites to maintain behind the scenes.


Enormously Fast Fixes

We at WordPress Website Maintenance are aware of the issues that would have caused the website downtime, we know how to explain the issue to the web host better and get it fixed faster. A quick identification of the problem is most important to resolve the issues much faster. We almost answer all your queries in less than an hour.